Bobwhite Nature Trail Letterbox
If you didn't pick up a map, drive along the main parkway and look for the sign for the Bobwhite Nature Trail. Park in the lot.

Go past a little flower/rock garden formation and across a wooden bridge. Continue walking until you see a sign indicating the Bobwhite Nature Trail (which veers right). Follow the trail and keep an eye on the numbered wooden guideposts.

About half way between guideposts six and seven, keep an eye off the left side of the trail for a somewhat open area. About 10 feet off the trail is a tree with several hollow cut logs, each about two feet long, scattered around the base.

What you seek is inside one of the hollow logs -- use a stick to move any dead leaves from the opening (gotta check for those furry and scaly creatures!), and please make sure to conceal the opening again when you are done!

You can stop here and turn around, but the nature trail is quite a nice little walk.

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