Crosswinds Marsh Series
Enter the park and pick up a park map (at the wooden stand west of the parking lot). (If there are no maps, you can look at the posted map posted there.)

Find the Wildflower Meadow on the map, and go there. Find the wooden sign exactly like the one below (that's Teddy holding the letterbox and also the Backpacker hitch hiker letterbox.

Stand directly in front of the sign and take a compass reading of 65 degrees. Take 10 steps (or fewer if you are tall) in that direction. Look down and underneath (careful when reaching, as usual!). What you seek is there, in a Ziploc bag and then in a box.

NOTE: If you are First Finder you'll also find a certificate! Also, if you are First Finder, PLEASE reach a little further and grab the Backpacker hitchhiker (separate Ziploc bag and box) and send him on his way. Please place him in a letterbox outside of the Crosswinds Marsh series! THANKS!

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